Sunday, 13 November 2016

Like a boss: AI-Vendetta fully leveled.


Today we are very glad to announce that we finally have built all of the levels,
including ALL boss fights, that we are going to feature in the game!

With this we are getting closer to reaching a beta stage product! All that still needs to be done feature wise is an overhaul for our UI and Menu (with full controller support) and an all new unlockables system. At the same time we are also working on transforming the game visually, we can't just keep those grey boxes there!
And of course we will also be fixing and tuning the game till we think it's really great!

As you may notice, there is still a LOT to be done before we are going onto the market with our game. Until that point we would love to keep in contact with you, especially if you are interested in trying out the demo (link below) because your feedback really matters! And of course, after the launch we still like to hear from you and we will be there to make sure your game experience is the best possible.

So what can you expect from us in the near future?
For starters, we will keep up our social media presence, especially on twitter with weekly screenshots.
Major announcements such as the, to be expected, beta stage announcement will of course still be primarily done through our blog, but we will keep you posted through social media as well of course!

~The CatByte Team

Playable exclusively in one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari & Opera.
Requires installation of the Unity Webplayer plugin.

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