Saturday, 7 January 2017

Meet the cast

Have you met the cast of AI Vendetta yet?
In this you game play as proto, a robot with the power to transform and utilize different game modes and mechanics. You can play as Combat-, Stealth- and Utility mode. Each with their own unique game experience and possibilities in the game. Can you combine their powers to save humanity from certain doom?

Combat Mode

Use your rockets to blast a way through enemy defences. With decent shielding and average speed you are perfect for taking on any challenge. Place traps to outwit your enemies.

Stealth Mode

Combine your low signature movement and four wheel drive to sneak past enemy defences and dismantle traps. Use small corridors to avert danger. Use your charged focus optics to form a small but powerful laser beam.

Utility Mode

With reinforced plating nothing can get to you, use your magnetic powers to manipulate the environment and breach through defences. Use your seismic shock ability to further demolish anything that crosses your path.


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