Tuesday, 4 April 2017

AI Vendetta: all about the Green Lights

Hi and welcome back!

Last time we blogged about AI Vendetta, we had only just embarked on our journey to the Steam platform through Greenlight. This has been a very exciting journey and with great pleasure we can say that AI Vendetta has been successfully greenlit by the community and has been recognized by Valve as an official Steam Game. We want to thank Everyone that helped us in the process, whether you voted for us, shared or are a long time follower, your love and support made all of this possible!

With that being said, AI Vendetta is not finished just yet and we still have a long road ahead of us before we will be shipping the game out to a Steam Store page near you. As we previously mentioned most of the game is actually technically finished and all of the levels have been created in (at least) a block-out state. The part where most of our focus will lie in the coming months is tying everything together, creating a lot of artwork and filling in the levels with their final artwork and story elements and of course we will be doing a lot of quality assurance. However, even in this stage we are still open for any feedback and suggestions, so feel free to leave your thoughts below in the comments or on your preferred (social) medium.

And again, thanks so much for your support!

You may be thinking "why not get the artwork for the project started earlier?", there are actually various reasons for this. The primary one being that we value the quality of the gameplay above anything else, focussing on the technical and design aspects of the game allows us to better evaluate the gameplay and iterate on it. Secondly, as you may have seen, our team background and expertise is also stronger on those points. We do have input from external visual artists, but we also do most of the modelling/UV-ing/Texturing, etc. ourselves, it just isn't our speciality. However, you can rest assured that we will not stop working on the game and it's visual appearance until we are completely happy with it!

What can you expect from us in the near future?

* We still consider the game to be in Alpha state until everything has been tied together, but we do expect to reach Beta stage around June, for which there will be an official blog.
* We are currently working a lot on improving and expanding the artwork, about which we tweet weekly, we may also dedicate a blog to the world of AI Vendetta soon.
* Our very own Rens is creating the soundtrack for AI Vendetta, which will be available on steam next to the game itself. However, we are also making it publicly available on YouTube and we introduce a new song every now and then, so stay tuned! (Find them here)
* Previously we talked about our development process, level design, programming in C# 101, the sound and UI overhaul for AI Vendetta. We still have blogs planned for the mechanics and art of AI Vendetta, which you can expect in the future. However, should you have any questions for us, or want us to dive deeper into a certain topic, feel free to suggest and you might find just that in our next blog!

That's all for today! Thanks again to those that voted and shared for us on Greenlight, your support means the world to us! Again, feel free to leave any questions, feedback, suggestions or remarks below in the comments, your preferred social media or send us an email! We consider any feedback we get and will try to answer them as quick and correct as possible!

Thanks for reading!

~Thom, Catbyte Games

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