Monday, 23 December 2019

Update 1.002 is now live!

AI Vendetta has been out for a while but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped developing it! We’ve been looking at some of the bugs that were still left in the game as well as possible improvements to the game. Therefore, we’ve come up with several bug fixes but also some improvements to the game, focusing mainly on making the AI more challenging by adding new behaviors and refining the existing ones. Additionally, it’s the holiday season, so we’ve added a festive surprise to the game as well as bonus content for those who complete the game! So give AI Vendetta a chance if you haven't already, it's on sale on Steam until the 2nd of January! Happy holidays!

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the game, especially if you run into any issues while playing!
You can reach us here, on Steam and through our website.

Below is a list of all the changes for update 1.002, note: this list may contain spoilers! Don’t read any further if you don’t want to see spoilers for the game!

Updates 1.002:


  • New extras menu that can be unlocked by completing the game.
  • Collect all secrets and play the original Beta levels.
  • A Festive surprise!
  • Boss 3 difficulty tweaks to add more challenge.
  • Boss 3 fixed missing particles.
  • Player rocket fire rate has been slightly increased.
  • Added additional explanation about wind funnels to sector 3 Level 2.
  • Fixed issue where in certain situations you could not damage Boss 5 during phase 2.
  • Fixed issue where the player’s magnet ability would sometimes stay enabled during boss 5 after releasing an obstacle.
  • Fixed issue where the profile page would not correctly update after having completed the game.
  • Fixed level select issue when the last played level was the final boss fight.
  • Fixed issue in terminal where the arrow keys/controller would navigate incorrectly through buttons.
  • AI characters now have an investigation state where they will try to immediately look in the direction they were hit from.
  • Smash Robot has been buffed to be slightly faster in its movement and attacks and has increased vision range.
  • Turrets now have motion prediction to more accurately shoot at the player.
Motion prediction in action!

You can also read about this update on Steam.

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