Monday, 23 November 2015

Gameplay Insight

Hello and welcome back!

As promised, today we will be sharing some footage of AI-Vendetta. This includes a short gameplay session that will give you a good indication of what the game is and where we are at this point. Further on in this post we will talk a little bit about the game and also answer some questions we received as a response to the last post. However, we will not keep you waiting for the video any longer, so please sit back and enjoy!

Gameplay Demonstration

About AI-Vendetta

To all people who have been following us since our last post, as well as people who just saw the game for the first time; AI-Vendetta is a 3D Puzzle Platformer which focuses on tactical gameplay in which the puzzle element is combined with both stealth and action.

As you saw in the video, the game features 3 core gameplay modes, all of which have to be combined in order for the player to complete certain puzzles. This also offers the player other tactical choices, for example you may choose to sneak your way past enemies, or if you like you can also try and blast your way through the area. Two different options in the same scenario, one leading to safety while the other might lead to added rewards. This offers the opportunity for some interesting scenarios!


AI-Vendetta, Why, How and for Who?

We are currently developing AI-Vendetta in our spare time, but in that time we managed to create what we would define as the Alpha state of the game. This means that all the core mechanics are there and they have been implemented in a good working order. We already have several level designs, multiple enemies, a story/script written for the game and, as you have seen, we have some (placeholder) art assets in place which help visualize the game. We think that this is a good start, especially considering the size of the team, and because of that want to share some more about the game and its future with you!

So where do we go from here? We hope that we can take the project to the next step; this means that we want to further invest our time into the project so we can create a worthy game experience. However, before we take it onto the next level, we are writing these blogs so we can get a feel for the general interest people would have in playing this game. Unfortunately we can’t create a game tailored to everyone’s wishes, but we certainly do hope to get some of those in! That is why we really want to know what YOU think of the game so far!

Utility Mode; Push and Pull large containers

Questions - Answers

So in our first blog we wanted to introduce you to the world of AI-Vendetta, but in a very general way. We received some questions and have also been looking at other projects that are in some ways similar to what we are creating. Here are a few questions that came up:

Will the game feature a story and how can we relate to the main character?

We personally agree with that and unfortunately we can’t show you all of what we have planned for the game in only three minutes. But we can tell you that we intend on having both dialogs as well as monologs visible during the gameplay. This may or may not be narrated depending on our budget.
We also want to make the character more visible to the player because that tiny little speck on the screen is not going to make the character bonding flow on itself!
We really hope to give the game some personality, which will be done through music, environmental storytelling and dialog.

Dialog Mockup Image

Is the game going to be difficult and are all of the gameplay modes going to be equally useful?

It is hard to tell at this point but it is our mission to make both a fun and interesting game. We intend to make it a game that is easy to get into at the start but we will be making it gradually harder throughout the game. And if that is not enough, we are also throwing some boss fights into the mix!

During the design and creation of the game we will strive to make all game modes useful in one way or the other. We benefit from the fact that each game mode features its own unique abilities and behaviour. We will try to put these to good use as best as we can!

What can you expect from us in the next Blog?

As this post is already getting a little bit oversized, let's move on to what you can expect from us in the next blog! Next time we want to share a little bit more about the development process of the game  a sort of “how it’s made” if you will. This includes the production pipeline but also a roadmap of what is still ahead of us.
We will also be shaping up our social media attendance, meaning that you will be able to email us and follow us on Facebook. And of course, we may have some new screenshots in store for you as well!

Thank you for reading! And please, feel free to leave your thoughts or questions about the game in the comments section below! Any and all feedback is always appreciated.

~CatByte Games

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