Sunday, 8 November 2015

Hello World!

Hey there,

We are Catbyte; a small team of passionate, Dutch, game developers that simply want to create fun and inspiring game experiences. Our most recent project, AI Vendetta, has reached a point in which we can now openly discuss its design and progress with all of you! So without further ado, let us take you into the world of AI Vendetta!

AI Vendetta is a fun and challenging 3D action-puzzle game and is inspired by games we love to play ourselves, such as the Legend of Zelda and Portal series. In AI Vendetta you, the player, will take control of a small robot that uses its ability of transforming for sneaking, puzzling and blasting your way through a range of beautiful and action packed levels and boss fights!

Before we move on, here are some more details about the game:
In AI Vendetta the player takes on the role of Proto, a discarded robot with the unique ability to transform into different modes, each with their own tactical usage and gameplay feeling. The game offers the player a range of fun and challenging levels, puzzles and boss-fights while telling you the story of Proto.

Proto has three different modes for the player to use and experience:
  • Combat: Blast your way past obstacles and enemies while making your way to the next elevator!
  • Stealth: Fast and agile, perfect for sneaking past enemies and reaching places others can’t!
  • Utility: No container is too big for your magnetic arms and with tougher armour you power through areas and move blocks around as you desire.

Change into any mode freely at any time! You will need to switch to a certain mode to solve specific puzzles. Sometimes you will even need to use multiple modes in one puzzle!

Can you solve the puzzles and unravel the mystery behind this little robot’s existence?
This is a game you simply can’t resistor!

So let’s meet the team!

The first member to introduce is Thom! He is our main programmer and directing force behind the game. Thom focuses on the technical aspects ranging from tools development to gameplay programming. His focus in programming is to create flexible code architectures for iterative development. Besides managing the game’s development process he is also working to turn the game design into reality. You can check out his portfolio here.

Then we have Davey, a starting game designer that specializes in quick iteration and prototyping designs. He is the designer of the team, so he focuses on thinking of mechanics and level designs for the game. After coming up with the designs, he documents them and communicates them to the team. Additionally, he uses the available tools to iterate on his designs. Currently, he is working hard on the game’s many puzzles and levels. Check out his portfolio here.

And finally we have Rens. Besides helping out in the programming sector, he is also a passionate sound designer and is currently busy developing the soundtrack for the game. Rens is a hard worker and when he is not creating music, he is likely working on his audio engine. Therefore it was only natural that he is now also doing the audio integration for the game as well as some AI programming. Check out his portfolio here.

Now, as you may have noticed, there is no active artist working on this project! Yep, that’s right, currently we are working in a zero-budget setup, which means that it’s hard to find people that will dedicate their spare time to your project. However, we do have a very good head start and art style, both of which were gifted to us by a former colleague and good friend of us. You can check out his portfolio here.

So what can YOU expect from us!?

Well, for our next post we have planned something cool! Until now we have never really shared any content about the game, but there is some video footage on its way to your monitor!
We plan to give you monthly updates about the game’s progress. In the meantime we would also like to share our development experiences with you, including some technical-mumbo-jumbo and design tips and tricks! And of course many progress screenshots!

If there is anything you would like to see or know more about,
please feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading!
Stay tuned for more soon!

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